For the Love of Plants

What began as an infatuation with plants blossomed into a lifelong love story when our founder, Jennifer Ridgway, discovered the incredible power of plants while living in a float house and working as a wilderness kayaking guide on Canada’s West Coast. She became enamoured with the restorative qualities of native plants and began making her own salves, creams, and infused herbal oils.

Upon returning to her beloved home province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) on Canada’s East Coast, Jennifer decided to turn her wildcrafting hobby into a business. And so, in 1995, Moonsnail Soapworks was born, named after the magical sea snails she had seen on the West Coast and had reminded her of PEI.

Today, through organic growth and the support of our fabulous customers and community, we are one of the largest producers of handcrafted soap in Eastern Canada.