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100% natural baby care. Developed for our own little Moonbaby.. who is now 20!

When my son Sacha was born I was shocked to see the synthetic fragrances, preservatives and petrochemical ingredients that filled most baby care products. Finding that even so called ‘natural’ brands still contained these ingredients, I decided to develop our own line of baby care. So, Moonbaby was born, a scent-free line with rosehip seed oil, calendula and chamomile and other gentle, nurturing and healing ingredients. Safe and gentle enough for new baby’s skin… or adults who choose to baby their skin!

Just a note on soap; even though Moonbaby rosehip soap is as gentle and natural as they come, you don’t need to use it on little ones very often, and only on their bottom area and hands and feet as needed. For truly healthy skin, allow baby’s natural acid mantle to develop on the skin without unduly influencing it with soaps and body washes.

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